Authentic content
Artificial intelligence

Props is the only creator marketing platform to merge original, meaningful content with leading-edge AI.

Brands source, distribute, measure and optimize content made by real creators whom audiences trust - all in one place.

Fueled by IBM Watson, Props adapts and amplifies campaigns intelligently, helping brands expand and deepen their audience connections.

The storyteller is as important as the story

Props is for purpose-driven brands who seek independent writers, photographers, filmmakers and podcasters to bring to life stories that inspire, educate and entertain.

Professional, High-Quality Makers

Proven storytellers. Brand safe.

Subject-Matter Experts

Dedicated to their field of passion.

Trusted by Audiences

Aligned by shared values..

Real creators. Devoted followers.

Don’t outsource
your influence

Props removes the friction, complexity, and guesswork from working with real creators.

Align Creators

IBM Watson intelligently matches brands with creators who share their same values and passions.

Distribute Content

Automatically publish, share, boost and promote content in social, display and search

Track + Measure

Quickly uncover the highest performing creators, content format and audience profiles.

Optimize + Expand

Deploy custom algorithms to reach bigger predisposed audiences and drive ROI.

Advertising disguised as content is still advertising

Props distributes, amplifies and optimizes real stories, not branded content. Our respect for the creator and their relationship with followers is paramount. Brands who get this, get Props.

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Props’ high-integrity sponsorship model is clear and transparent.

It’s all about the connection

Intelligently aligned creators means there is nothing contrived or forced.

For purpose-driven marketers

Props works best for brands that take a stand.

Publish and amplify authentic
stories with AI

Breaking into new communities is easy with content aligned by PropsBoost™. Now, brands can intelligently publish, share, boost and promote content that resonates with expanded audiences.

Unexpected quality
Predictable results

Props helps brands become what people are passionate about, instead of interrupting it. Apply Props to drive results.

Brand Engagement

Build awareness and loyalty - without ads.

Fan Engagement

Activate your grassroots, professional creators.


Launch new stories with new storytellers.


Convert prime targets with custom algorithms.


Innovators from the content, technology and creative enterprises make up the Props leadership, advisory and investment teams.

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