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Become part of
the Creator Economy

Props helps professional content creators
build and grow their storytelling business.


It pays to be
true to yourself

Creators on Props don’t make ads or “branded content.” They tell stories about their passions, whether it’s fly-fishing, travel, boxing, conservation or cosplay.

Props uses AI powered by IBM Watson to match brands and creators who are aligned by the same values and personality.

Better fits grow authentic engagement and increase your revenue. It’s that simple.

It's one and done with Props

Props frees you up to focus on telling great stories.


Creators can publish any digital content - writing, videos, podcasts, photography, music, all in one place.


Props lets you distribute your content everywhere it engages with existing and new followers.

Drive Revenue

Props aligns you with relevant brands who match your same values, passions and purpose.


Brands boost your content, helping you grow your followers, organically.

It's one and done with Props

Your values
are valuable

Props is not an “Influencer” platform. It was designed to support and extend the reach and prominence of real storytellers who meet three critical criteria:


You have the tools and experience to make high quality content.

Subject-Matter Expert

You are passionate with a unique point-of-view and the experience to back it up. Your focus and your independence make you credible.

Devoted Following

You have enough followers to help Props understand what kind of person engages with the stories you tell.

Stay in control of
your audience

PropsBoost™ is our proprietary, AI-based process of helping brands and creators reach more like-minded followers.

Controlled Organic Growth

PropsBoost™ promotes content to followers that share your values.

Funded by Brands

Brands fund PropsBoost™ exposing your content to people who want to hear from you. That means high quality engagement for brands and for you.

A platform built for
the Creator

Access to the Props platform is free for creators.

Creators are in control of the brands they want to partner with and the content they create.

Our financial model is transparent: creators earn 75% of the content revenue Props generates from brands.

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