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JavaUp® is a brand of coffee-powered snacks. The product lines consist of Espresso Bars and Coffee Bites. Both product lines are made with organic coffee, chocolate and whole, gluten-free grains. They are nutritionally sound and delicious. The bars are made with organic, shade-grown espresso mixed with an invigorating superfood mix of grains, seeds, oats and nuts. The Coffee Bites start with organic, nonGMO puffed, crispy quinoa bites which are wrapped in coffee-infused dark chocolate then dusted with organic fruit powders.

After years in the bakery business, founder, Lisa Newmann, became more and more enamored with the flavors, aromas, and invigorating properties of specialty coffees. She also became increasingly aware of the environmental casualties caused by conventional coffee farming. As a determined advocate of organic shade-grown coffees, she created JavaUp® to provide uplifting snacks that feature and promote the complex environmental benefits of responsibly grown and sourced coffees. She mixed two loves: cooking and coffee, and developed our line of Snacks With Perks.

JavaUp® Espresso Bars are available in three flavors: Café Mocha, Caramel Macchiato and Vanilla Latte, and two sizes: 1 oz. and 1.4 oz. The bars come in 6-packs for $14.95 and 12-packs for $29.95, as well as wholesale case packs of 84 and 96. The Coffee Bites come in 6-pack consumer boxes and in counter-top displays with 24 half-ounce packages per display. Wholesale pricing is available through the head office.

Learn more at javaup.coffee

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