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Oliver built a trebuchet in his backyard. This is all you need to know about him to understand why he's uniquely suited to build a platform changing the way brands connect with new customers.

A trebuchet is a medieval weapon, used by attacking armies to launch giant balls of fire and other harm-inducing elements over the wall of an enemy fortification - from a safe distance, of course.

This is a trebuchet:

Fritinancy: Word of the Week: Trebuchet
Diagram of basic trebuchet

And this is the trebuchet that Oliver built in his backyard:

Oliver is no daydreamer. Anyone can conjure up some fantastic idea about building trebuchets in their backyard. But it takes a man of creativity, planning, action, and persistence to actually build a full-scale, working trebuchet that can launch a flaming pumpkin a half-mile. 

Actually, Oliver built two trebuchets. The first one was made out of lumber available at any lumber yard. It was accurate and authentic, but it was puny by Oliver's standards - a working prototype really - and didn't have the throwing power of the real thing. 

So what did Oliver do? Simple. He found a guy with used telephone poles. Yes, telephone poles. Forty feet long. And he built a real trebuchet - to scale - and it works great! 

Check out this video:

So, if you're wondering whose behind the team at Props? Whose building all of these amazing things that we can do? It's Oliver Blodgett, COO of Props and architect and builder of the modern-day trebuchet.

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