Great content is only part of the story.

We drive high quality, low cost traffic in fellowship with each creator.

It's no secret. People don't trust ads. That's why they click on real stories made and promoted by real creators.

Creator's Facebook

Creator's trust Props to promote stories with paid media through their handles.

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Creator's Instagram

Each story is promoted using the creator's imagery and captions.

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Digital Display

Props promotes in social and digital display targeting the right audiences

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Content Retargeting

Audiences are retargeted with CTAs based on the content they read.

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All roads lead to you

High-quality traffic is driven to each creator's episode published on your site. Not on social media. Not on a publisher's site.

total marketing control
Total Control

Build new relationships with new audiences in a natural and authentic way.

new website users
No Distractions

Focus and direct new users to destinations the drive value for you.

We solve the three critical problems facing marketers today.

Establish trust.

Real stories made by real creators build trust among new audiences.

“When real creators (not influencers) tell real stories (not branded content) we compound the trust people have in us and our brand."

Scott Lugar

Chief Marketing Officer

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Take control.

Control audience relationships by publishing directly.

Drive conversions.

Promote stories to new audiences through each creator.

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