Brandi Riley

After a fulfilling career as a non-profit professional writing curriculum specialist and working with training educators to work with youth, Brandi Riley was surprised to find that working in the digital space had many similarities. Empathy, building with others, and using influence to educate and inform were traits that she brought from my former work experience into this new space online. As an award-winning community builder and outspoken advocate/leader for equity and pay parity for women through her communities Mama Knows It All, Courage To Earn, and the Influencer Activist Toolkit, she has served the community with passion, transparency, and innovation. Brandi's experience is varied and diverse across editorial, community, digital, parenting, and women's issues. She has written for BabyCenter, ScaryMommy, What To Expect, and is the author of the journal, "Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal for Moms and Daughters" published by Rockridge Press. She lives in Oakland, California with her family.