We help brands tap into the power of independent content creators. But I get asked about "influencers" all the time. So here is my attempt to distinguish the two:

Content creators are professional writers, photographers, filmmakers, and podcasters.

Influencers are professional social media personalities.

Creators make and publish stories.

Influencers make and publish ‘posts’.

Creators are subject-matter experts in their field of passion.

Influencers are subject-matter experts in social media.

Creators make original content.

Influencers mix their content with content they don’t own.

Creators have a point-of-view and a devoted audience.

Influencers have followers.

Creators' audiences engage with their content wherever it lives.

Influencers' followers engage with them on social media.

Creators do not make branded content.

Influencers make their living through branded content.

Creators are paid for telling authentic stories.

Influencers are paid for product placements and endorsements.

If you are famous or you work for a national media property, then you have transcended these distinctions.

*Props creator Patrick Kolts shot by Jorge Quinteros

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