Substance. Style. Grace.

Substance. Style. Grace.

The Props Newsroom

When we first started Props, we made a commitment to hire only "A-players." These are individuals whom we believed would bring a high level of intensity, commitment, talent, desire, and integrity to our company.

While skills are important, we also wanted to determine if they possessed the A-player attitude or as our CFO inquires, "Do they have substance, style, and grace?"

Here are the A-players who are being promoted at Props - all of them were among the very first individuals to join our company:

Alyssa Clark is now Vice President of Props

When we informed her that she was going to become a vice president, she asked, "Of what?" and we replied, "Of the entire company!" Alyssa is accountable for effectively managing all client relationships at Props. This encompasses client success, paid media, reporting, creators, and content. (Technically speaking, she isn't responsible for the tech team but collaborates closely with them.) Alyssa is and will always be an A-player. Above all else, she excels at assisting others in becoming A-players as well.

Megan Matera is now Director, Client Success

Almost every time we introduce Megan, we work in the fact that she graduated college in just three years. And that she was a classically trained ballerina. There are very few people who can say these things. And Megan is among the very few. She began her journey at Props as an intern, swiftly grasped our unique model and approach, mastered it, and now she plays a crucial role in helping our clients implement Props to drive exceptional outcomes.

Malcolm Mead, Jr. is now Senior Manager, Media and Business Intelligence

When we asked him, "What was your strategy to win the NJ state high school ski championship?" Malcolm responded in his typically calm and matter-of-fact tone, saying, "Show up. Win." Since Malcolm uttered these profound words, "Show Up. Win." has become our mantra at Props, second only to "Never give up." Malcolm, who also started as an intern, is now responsible for running paid media at Props and uncovering critically important insights into how and why we outperform.

In Props, we have developed a truly distinctive and efficient creator and content marketing platform. Our team of A-players know how to utilize it for the benefit of our clients.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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