We Go Deep with AI

We Go Deep with AI

Since the start of Props, AI has been an important component to our growth and success. We use AI to streamline workflow, inspire content and optimize results.

Perhaps the most visible to clients is our application of AI that helps us uncover:

  1. Creator archetypes that produce the highest performing content 
  2. Story themes that resonate with key audiences
  3. Image compositions that drive the highest response rates

The Props AI system learns and adapts to each client and can be fine-tuned to achieve an explicit outcome.

Here are some examples of how the Props AI system looks far deeper than simply media performance to find the optimal mix of images, story themes and creator personalities.

Archetypes Help Brands Align with the Right Creators

With Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson’s, “The Hero and the Outlaw,” as its guide, the Props AI system assigns one of twelve Jungian personality archetypes to each creator and can align brands with creators that generate the highest performing stories. For example, content created by the “Sage” archetype is proven to drive the lowest cost per conversion for financial services brands. The “Explorer” archetype performs exceptionally well for the travel industry.  Archetypes help brands hone in on creators most likely to unlock important audiences.

Theme Analysis Helps Creators Tell The Right Stories

When processing the theme of each story for an auto brand, the Props AI system uncovered that stories about “fun and adventure” far outperformed stories about “autos” and “responsibility.”

Image Analysis Increases Story Response

By analyzing the composition of thousands of images in the insurance category, the Props AI system uncovered that images with water generated the highest response from key audiences. Further, different image components perform better in different regions of the country.

Combined together, the Props AI system helps clients find the best creators, who produce the most resonant content, promoted with the most responsive images.

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Joseph Perello

Joe is the founder and CEO of Props. Previously, he was the first CMO of the City of New York in the Bloomberg Administration, and was recognized by Harvard Business School as the most innovative initiative of any city. Joe founded and bootstrapped an award-winning digital ad agency. He was VP for the New York Yankees, working directly for the late George M. Steinbrenner III, and helped the team break attendance and revenue records. He was an executive with David Bowie’s internet start-up UltraStar and started his career as a direct marketer with credit card pioneer MBNA America. He’s on the board of New York Cruise Lines and Princeton Academy. Joe earned his undergraduate degree in History and Journalism from the the University of Delaware.

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