What to Expect with a Props Pilot

What to Expect with a Props Pilot

With a reasonable investment, Props' Pilots are designed for brands to swiftly see results and establish a baseline performance benchmark for the future. All pilot clients have the option to 'exit' the pilot at the halfway point. (No brand has ever exercised this option, but we retain it as a proof point of our commitment and ability to deliver high performance.)

Pilot Budgets are segmented as follows:

  1. Content: We recommend publishing four episodes to provide a diversity of content and creators to determine an optimal mix for the future. Since an episode's average cost is between $1-2,000, only about 5-10% of the pilot budget is allocated to content.
  1. Media: Our platform is designed to allocate as much marketing budget toward promoting each episode as possible. And our pilots are created in the same manner. About 90% of the pilot budget is allocated toward media.
  1. Fees: We work on a declining monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fee. This fee is waived for the first half of the pilot, enabling more budget to be allocated towards media.

After a short discovery process, clients review creators and their story ideas, then content and promotional assets are produced and published, where we begin driving traffic to each episode.

After about two weeks in market, a dashboard measuring the client's KPIs is published, and we begin weekly or bi-weekly check-ins that last 15-30 minutes.

At the halfway mark, we'll review the results in detail and plan the pilot's second half.

At the completion of the pilot, with a firm understanding of our performance capabilities, we discuss appropriate KPIs, budget levels, and fresh content strategies. 

Re-launching after the pilot can happen immediately. 

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